This will ensure your design is drawn to scale

Wall Mural Painting Techniques

Going FreehandThe boldest approach to designing your wall mural is to create it freehand. Let the wall be your canvas, and unleash your creativity.

Painting freehand doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan; don’t wing it. Have an idea of a design. Make a few practice sketches on paperto play with different designs. The freehand approach is not about fussing over every detail, though, so don’t over plan. Let the creative process flow.

How to do it: Prep the wall by repairing cracks and sanding it. Prime the wall until the primer stops soaking into it and leaves a smooth, even finish.

canada goose factory sale With pencil in hand, lay in light outlines canada goose outlet parka to create the basic shapes of your design. If you make mistakes, clean them away with an art gum eraser and try again. Draw some details if you feel you will need the guidelines when you get to the painting process. canada goose factory sale

When you’re ready, begin painting with latex or acrylic paints. At this point, you can let your inspiration and instincts guide you.

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Making a “Grid”

The “grid” approach gets its name from using a grid to transfer a design, section by section, from a paper to wall. Trying to copy the entire design on a blank wall in detail, while keeping it in proportion, can be a daunting task. With a grid, you transfer the image in more manageable sections. Grid lines serve to keep your muralin proportion with the image on paper.

How to do it: Once you’ve prepped and primed your wall, determine exactly where you want the mural. Frame the space with painter’s tape to mark it. Use a level to ensure tape lines are straight.

canada goose uk shop Create a grid on the wall within the tape frame. Use a yardstick, pencil and level to lightly draw the lines. Make each block on the grid measure 1 foot square so they’re all even. canada goose uk shop

Find or design an image on paper. Scan it and resize the image so that one inch on your paper image is equal to one foot on your wall grid. This will ensure your design is drawn to scale.

canada goose store Copy your paper image onto the wall grid, one block at a time. Draw lightly and carefully. canada goose store

canada goose Pros: You don’t need special equipment to transfer a design using a grid. If you’re not entirely confident in your drawing skills, the grid can help you approach it in manageable, bite sized chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. canada goose

Cons: canada goose outlet michigan The preparation for the grid transfer method is time consuming. If your drawing skills are very poor, it can be frustrating. Your finished transferred image may not look exactly like your original image.

Mural Painting Guides

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Mural painting equipment

Glow in the Dark Tape 30 ft x 1 inch Glow in the Dark Luminous photoluminescent / luminescent emergency roll safety egress markers stairs, walls, steps, exit sign. Glowing pro theatre stage floor Buy Now

: Using a Projector and Working with Transfer PaperUsing a Projector

If you prefer to canada goose jacket outlet uk rely more on technology and less on your drawing skills, an overhead projector may do the trick.

If you don’t own a projector, you’ll need to get one. Some libraries will let you borrow them. If you work for cheap canada goose a school or office you may be able to borrow one as well.

If you can’t borrow, you can rent one from a projector rental service. Depending on the quality of the machine, rentals canada goose outlet uk sale can run from $10 to $70 per day. If you prefer, purchaseone outright from an art or office supply store. Cheap units start at $30 or $40, but make sure they can cast images the size you want before you invest.

How to do it: Find or make a design you want to use for your mural. Print a black and white photocopy of the image. Scan the copy, then print it on a transparency sheet. You can purchase packages of these sheets at office supply stores and use them with your computer printer. If you prefer, bring the image to a printing counter at an office supply store and they’ll print it onto a transparency for you.

After wall prepping and priming, set up your projector on a chair or table across from the wall you’re painting. Turn off the lights, turn on the projector. Put the transparency in place. You’ll probably need to move canada goose factory outlet vancouver the machine around, prop it up or adjust the focus. Fiddle with it until a crisp image is projected exactly where you want canada goose outlet store uk it on the wall, at the exact size you want your mural to be.

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